What if we had to deal with NIMBY's

JohnC Oct 3, 2001

  1. JohnC

    JohnC TrainBoard Member

    I was thinking, while sitting in traffic, on the way to work this morning!

    - We would have to petition the spouse everytime we bought something.

    - Petition the spouse everytime we planned an expansion.

    - Couldn't start up a commuter run on an old branch line (the model neighbors would complain).

    - Couldn't model coal mines, or run long coal drags to power plants. (Same reason as above).

    - Couldn't do anything we wanted because everyone would complain. We would all be arm-chair modelers.

    Anything else?
  2. JCater

    JCater TrainBoard Member

    I still have to petition the spouse regularly :( ! As for planning: forget it. Try putting in a power line through a NIMBY neighborhood! Believe me...N scale people scream just as loudly as the real thing ;) ! happy Modeling!!
  3. RevnJeff

    RevnJeff TrainBoard Member

    Let's see, before the expansion of the Augsburg & Concord Railroad was approved, the boss (my beloved wife) needed to be consulted. Reasonable proof was needed that the expansion would not interfere IN ANY WAY with operations of the laundry or storage areas of the basement.

    Then, the chief financial officer (also my wife) needed to grant the necessary funds to begin the project.

    Now, that the project is nearly completed, future plans are drawing much more scrutiny.

    That's not to mention that some of the residents of Augsburg are complaining about the Tavern and Blues joint that just opened on the main drag. (Seems the locals disapprove of the crowd they attract).

    NIMBY? The Chief Financial Officer has FORBIDDEN me to consider a garden railroad....NOT IN MY BACKYARD she informed me....

    Isn't this fun?

    Augsburg & Concord R.R.
    (a fictional shortline in Central index.htmlIllinois)
  4. JohnC

    JohnC TrainBoard Member

    This is absolutely the greatest! The bureau of Land Affairs (other family members) removed my inital layout site right in front of my eyes - TV/computer/office room prevailed. After much debate, I had to build, a much smaller layout, in my bedroom. N-Gauge is great at least I could build something more than a circle.

    In Enfield center, the locals NIMBYS gathered to complain that "The trains will make noise and smoke." and "We would rather drive our SUVs and tie up traffic on our own. Trains don't have to do that for us". They chanted.

    After Gizillion Screws located there, some changed their tune. Now it's okay, because there is a small employer in the area. Even less ranting was heard after Lotsa parts moved in too.


  5. rmathos

    rmathos TrainBoard Member

    Not sure what NIMBYS stands for, but i think i get the gist. I guess i have the ultimate LACK of NIMBY types to deal with: My model RR is being built in MY mobile home that I live in. The RR is built around the wall style with TV, stereo, computer, bed, couch and other furniture residing UNDER it. I just put in a return loop in my living room-it is 7'4"s in diameter so my long HO passenger cars look good going around the 42" radius curves, rather than what i used to have to do-make the smallest radius possible so i wouldn't impinge on the floor space of the room. This loop will be a center of attention for visitors and will show off my trains at their best. My RR is freelanced, so the following rules have already been established:1] No sleeper cab tractors allowed. 2] no representatives of ANY watchdog government agencies allowed. 3] no tree huggers allowed-have 2 strung up on hanging tree outside log camp. 4] homes and other realestate near RR tracks demands a prime price. 5] although the RR is set in present time, no Amtrak cars are allowed. There's more, but you get the idea. I may be at the oppsite pole from all oppressed model RRers everwhere. I made it,and i love it! Curt
  6. Gary Pfeil

    Gary Pfeil TrainBoard Member

    I love the tree hugger part! I'll have to give some thought to what i can do on my road.


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