What was your latest purchase?

Primavw Feb 4, 2012

  1. Pfunk

    Pfunk TrainBoard Member

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  2. MetraMan01

    MetraMan01 TrainBoard Member

    And just order four more sets of F250/F350 trucks from River Point Station. Looks like they’re trying to get rid of inventory since they sold their tooling to Atlas.

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  3. Hardcoaler

    Hardcoaler TrainBoard Member

    Bought an N Scale hopper at a local hobby shop on a recent road trip through southeastern PA. While this isn't the anthracite region, it's close enough. I think the car is a foobie, but it's a nice souvenir of our trip and I'm happy to have found it.

    Blue Coal was a Glen Alden Coal Co. brand, with the company gaining its independence from the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western when Federal anti-trust regulation forced the anthracite railroads to divest their coal properties in the 1920s.

    Blue Coal Hopper - for upload.jpg
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  4. mtntrainman

    mtntrainman TrainBoard Supporter

  5. Mark St Clair

    Mark St Clair TrainBoard Member

    Picked up a couple billboard reefers at the Lynden (WA) Lions Club train show today.


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  6. Daves_Trains

    Daves_Trains TrainBoard Member

    Just picked up my first Showcase Minatures structure. Looking forward to making a single module with the Trading Post as a focal point. If anyone has tips on assembly and painting of the Showcase kits it would be appreciated.

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  7. mtntrainman

    mtntrainman TrainBoard Supporter

    Speaking of purchases...here is my rant for the day....

    Both Amazon and my fav train retailer do this >>>> I click on an item to check it out. The page shows a purchase price of lets say $7.64. I put the item in my 'wish list' while I check out other stuff. I go back later and when I check the 'wish list'...the item is suddenly $9.36. WHAT GIVES !

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  8. Shortround

    Shortround TrainBoard Member

    You showed your hunger.
  9. Kisatchie

    Kisatchie TrainBoard Member

    I just bought 4 n scale cars on ebay, 2 Atlas Southern stock cars, a Chicago and Great Western MTL 39' tank car, and an MTL 40' green Great Northern boxcar. They should arrive this week.
  10. freddy_fo

    freddy_fo TrainBoard Member

    3 of my locomotive preorders came up for shipping all in the same month despite ordering them separately across a two year time span. One of those was tested at the dealership before sending it on to me and found to be faulty so that has gone back to the manufacturer for repair which I likely won't see till around Thanksgiving. The two that made it here this week were the Scaletrains "Big Blow" turbine and the Kato FEF in greyhound both with sound.

    I did have to tweak the two motorized units of the big blow to get them to run smooth at slow speed (to my liking) as well as speed match each other.
    The FEF ran pretty good out of the box so left that alone. I was a bit relieved it ran as smoothly as it did. When I pre-ordered it I didn't do my research first and only afterwards and viewing a few user vids of the first run of these FEFs did I notice they tended to wobble as they went down the tracks which I thought was very uncharacteristic of the kato steam I have known. Even the official kato video announcement for this version showed that same wobble and really quite horrendous. I almost cancelled my order because of that but took a chance they would get it sorted on this second run since many online were picking at that issue. Seems they did or it was an issue that only affected some but if the latter I got lucky because it's butter smooth like my GS-4s and Mikados. I might install a LED for the mars light later on but for now I'm busy with non train projects hogging up my workbench.

    The turbine noise on the big blow is hella loud especially when spooling up and down. The bell with engines turned off is crisp and clear but once the prime movers are running you can barely hear it:D The other cool thing is each prime mover has it's own sound file so the diesel in the A unit doesn't have to vi with the turbine sounds of the B unit on a single speaker.

    Both sets are nicely done and happy to have them in my fleet.



  11. DeaconKC

    DeaconKC TrainBoard Member

    I lucked into a bargain last night at trainz, #6 Kato Unitrack switches for less than $17 each. They had 3 right and 3 left, so I grabbed them all. Will pick up some 1x3s and luan this weekend and then can start on my layout.
  12. BigJake

    BigJake TrainBoard Member

    Does Luanne cook, too?!
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  13. Sumner

    Sumner TrainBoard Member

    I've had a set of those preordered since last spring but no word on them (just looked again). When did you order yours?

  14. BNSF FAN

    BNSF FAN TrainBoard Supporter

    I ordered these mid September and got them within a week.

    These were on sale as part of Scale Trains moving sale. According to the sale, the decoders in these are supposed to take a 4 digit address but will actually only accept a 2 digit address so possible the preorders are being held for ones with the decoder that works correctly. That's just a guess though.
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  15. Sumner

    Sumner TrainBoard Member

    A good guess and a correct one. I asked them to switch my preorder to those on sale also and they told me there was a decoder problem on the ones on sale and I decided to go ahead and wait for the ones that should come without a problem. Not sure it would of been a problem anyway as when I ordered I wasn't even aware they had decoders in them :sick:.

    They also told me there was a problem but didn't explain it like you have. Knowing that it was only a 2 digit vs. 4 digit problem that wouldn't of been a problem for me as mine will all be 2 digit anyway. Oh well, guess I'll continue to wait as I only have the test track to run them on at the moment anyway. Thanks for the additional info,

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  16. 308GTSi

    308GTSi TrainBoard Member

    I ordered a black fuel tender in May and it's still "Pending" .........
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  17. MetraMan01

    MetraMan01 TrainBoard Member

    A couple of weeks ago I decided I needed a couple more WC boxcars and a couple of nicer autoracks and it got out hand. A CP centerbeam and a NS GEVO from Fox Valley slipped in there too.

    Some purchases from online-a hobby shop in AL had a decent sale going on so I picked up (too many? is that possible?) Intermountain autoracks and everything else off that auction site.

    Spent this weekend modeling autoracks and I installed some cheap cars in all the Red Caboose’s and in in the KCS and PW autoracks already. The PW is actually finished and on my layout. The KCS is still getting weathered.



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  18. Dogwood

    Dogwood TrainBoard Member

    Walthers delivered.
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  19. Shortround

    Shortround TrainBoard Member

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  20. jwaldo

    jwaldo TrainBoard Member

    Dropped by a well-known supplier of N scale for my SP fix. A couple of boxcars, and enough decals to keep me busy for a while. Plus some detail parts that didn't make it into the photo.


    The MT 50' boxcar was a secondhand item, and is a bit of a mystery. SP never owned this specific car, and as far as I can tell Micro-Trains never released it in SP colors. But the paint is immaculate inside and out, and the markings are printed rather than decals. Someone put a lot of very professional work into this car, but I'm not sure who.
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