whats on your locomotive roster?

engineer63 Feb 19, 2007

  1. engineer63

    engineer63 New Member

    i was curious as to what everyone on here has on their locomotive roster. On my HO scale Leelanau County Railway i have 2 GP7', 1
    SW1000, 1 SW1500, 1 44 tonner, 1 low boiler 4-6-0, 1 USRA 0-8-0, 1 SW1000M (SW1000 underframe, GP7 hood and SW7 cab) and 1 2-10-0 russian decapod. I may add an athearn CF7 (topeka style cab)
  2. smallbore3p

    smallbore3p TrainBoard Member

    I have on my freelanced NYC: 2 streamlined Hudson 4-6-4's, 2 more 4-6-4's, a Baldwin 4-6-0, an 0-6-0, a GP7, an F3 A+B, an E8/9, an SW7, an S1, and a 4-8-4 Niagara.......
    My favorite is the 4-6-0....nice size for my layout and the most detailed of all except for the 0-6-0....
  3. BurlingtonNorthern

    BurlingtonNorthern New Member

    Enough motive power to run a train.
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  4. Stourbridge Lion

    Stourbridge Lion TrainBoard Supporter

    D&H, D&H, and yes, more D&H

    :teeth: :teeth: :teeth: :teeth:
  5. Kitbash

    Kitbash TrainBoard Supporter

    C&O Steam: Mountain by Bachman, 2-6-6-6 Allegheny; 2-6-6-2 H-5, 2-8-0 Consolidation; 0-8-0 switcher, and a 2-8-4 Berkshire

    C&O Diesels: (2) RS-1's, (1) RSD 4/5; a set of A-B-A F7's; (1) E7; 5 FP-7A's and (3) FP-7B's; (5) GP7's; (3) GP9's; (2)AS-616's; (2) BL2's

    NON C&O's: (1)Virginian Trainmasater; (1) ERIE GP7

    My Goal is to get more Virginian engines since I have an interchange track w/ the Virginian. I also have a video made from a mid 50's reel that shows extensive work at a WV mine being worked by both C&O and NYC engines. Interesting. I really didn't know those two worked common mines. Guess it was more common than we thought.

    All of my steamers have sound of various makes. QSI, LokSound, and Soundtraxx. About 40% of my diesels have sound. I just sent one of my AS616's off to have sound put in the thing by an "installer". My first time sending one out. Usually I do it, but this engine had no space and required some extensive milling.
  6. Second Moss

    Second Moss TrainBoard Member


    Thats likely on the NF&G! (Nicholas, Fayette, & Greenbrier Railroad) A coal and Lumber hauling jointly owned line by the C&O and NYC, it was a giant loop, it began at the NYC/C&O interchange yard at Gauley bridge and extended to Meadow Creek on the New River sub, it was a giant oval, the NYC and C&O shared operations and even pooled power between Gauley and Rainelle (The main terminal of the RR)

    Its a really interesting railroad, its still around to an extent, though I don't know whats left after the Conrail split, I know Chessie and Conrail operated it jointly into CSX.


    This loop on the C&O system map is the NF&G

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  7. Kitbash

    Kitbash TrainBoard Supporter

    Thanks Second Moss! I have seen an article or two on that coal branch over the years, but didn't take the time to read it. I'll have to dig around in my C&O Historical Magazines and locate them.
  8. Mr. Train

    Mr. Train TrainBoard Member

    My pride and joy

    This was the first engine on my roster
    I also have others but I don't have them posted yet I need to do that yet.
  9. verse2damax

    verse2damax TrainBoard Supporter

    AMTRAK - 2 RS1s (Kato), 1 GG1 (AHM), 1 AMD-103 (OMI) & a
    GP35 (ATLAS)

    MOPAC - 3 GP18s, 1 GP7, 1 GP38-2, 2 BL2s, 1 SD40-2, 1 FA1 & a FB1
    All engines are P2K except for the SD40-2 which is BLI.

    C&NW - 2 SD60s (P2K), 1 C44-9w (Kato), 1 SD40-2 (BLI), 1 SD38-2
    (Kato), 2 E7s (1 P2k & the other BLI) and a GP30 (P2K)

    UP – 2 SD60s (P2K), 1 SD 50 (P2K), 2 GP20s (P2K), 1 SD45 (Kato),
    1 8-40B (Atlas), 1 GP38-2 (P2K) and a Big Boy (Sunset)

    BN - 3 GP60s (P2K), 2 SD70s (Kato), 1 SD60 (P2K), 1 GP30 (P2K), 1 SD9 (P2K)
    and a U30B (P2K).

    SP - 2 custom AC12 cab forwards (Akane) and a AC6000CW (BLI)

    Yes, you're correct I have a thing for P2K models.

    I have quite a bit of Unpainted Brass equipment mostly PFM and Sunset waiting to be assigned to a railroad. I also have diesels in other roads names some will be repainted and others will be kitbashed but that's another topic.

  10. Conrailnut2084

    Conrailnut2084 New Member

    My Roster

    MT6 Atlas/custom 1105
    SW1500 Athearn 9505,9562,9613,9616
    GP10 Kaslo/p2k 7561
    GP15 Walthers 1634
    GP30 Proto 2000 2245
    GP35 Kato/ath/rpp 2255,2350
    GP38 Atlas 7691,7907
    GP38-2 Athearn/atlas 8090,8234,8257,8260
    GP40-2 Athearn 3277,3278,3317,3382,3396
    B23-7 Atlas 2808,2813
    B23-7r(super-7) 2034
    B36-7 atlas/Rpp 5028
    B40-8 Atlas/Walthers 5068,5077,5078,5086,5089
    SD38 Athearn 6953
    SD40-2R Kato/ath rtr 6966,6972,6997
    SD40-2 Athearn 6369,6373,6374,6408,6411,6444,6478,6495,6520
    SD50 Athearn 6809,6811,6818,6820,6821
    SD60 Athearn/Proto 6840,6841,6842,6853,6865
    SD60M Proto 2000 5504,5555,5558
    SD60I Ath/RPP 5588,5639
    SD70Mac Kato/ath gen 4132,4133,4137,4140
    SD80Mac Kato 4103,4105
    C30-7 Atlas 549 CRL EX ATSF
    c30-7a ATH/RPP 6595
    C36-7 atlas/rpp 6641
    C32-8 Athearn/RPP 6613,6614,6619
    C40-8 Atlas 6026,6028,6030,6036,6039
    C40-8w Atlas 6150,6155,6160
    C40-8w Athearn/RPP 713
    Norfolk Southern
    GP38AC Athearn 4122
    GP38-2 Athearn 5002,5010,5184
    GP40 Athearn/CC 1358
    GP40X ATH/RPP 7000,7002
    C30-7 Atlas 8008,8028
    C40-8 Atlas 8692
    C39-8 OMI 8568
    SD50 Athearn 6525
    SD60 Athearn 6696
    SD70 Ath Gen 2519,2537,2553
    C40-9 Athearn 8870
    C40-9w Athearn 8890,8891,8948,9250
    SD40-2 Athearn 3291,3305,6141,6202,6203
    SD70Mac Ath Gen 703,724
    SD70M Ath Gen 4692,4696
    AC4400 Athearn 49,60
    C40-8 Atlas 7509,7520
    SD40-2 Athearn 8241
    SD45-2 Ath/RPP 8954
    SD50 Athearn 8637
    GP40-2 Athearn 6416
    GP38 ATH/CC 2064
    CP Rail
    SD40-2 Athearn 5424,5482,5637,5939

    C44-9W Athearn 8125
    SD40-2 Athearn 3571

    SD40-2 Athearn 8153
    GP38-2 Athearn 2175
    FP45 Athearn 92
    C44-9w Athearn 701,740

    SD40-2 Athearn 6047,6381,6382
    SD45 Ath/rpp 9005
    Morrison Knudson
    F45 Athearn 5964

    My main modeling effort goes to Conrail but I Love to model run through pool power
  11. Wolfgang Dudler

    Wolfgang Dudler Passed away August 25, 2012 TrainBoard Supporter In Memoriam

    WT 2 Shay PFM UNITED; with light and smoke
    WT 4 "J.Henry" GE 44-ton Keystone; with sound
    WT 11 RDC Athearn; new gearing, sound
    WT 16 "A.G.Bell" EMD NW 2 Kato; light
    WT 21 RDC Athearn; new gearing
    WT 128 "T.A.Edison" GE U 25 B Stewart / Kato
    WT 256 "B.Franklin" GE U 25 B Stewart / Kato
    WT 512 "R.A.Millikan" EMD GP 35 Kato; with sound
    WT 1024 "A.H.Compton" EMD GP 25 Kato; with sound
    WT 2048 Alco RSD-15 LH LifeLike 2000; with sound

    IHB 313 0 - 8 - 0 LifeLike; with sound
    CB&Q 173 EMD GP 40 Atlas; with sound
    CB&Q 187 EMD GP 40 Atlas
    WT ex SOO 350 Alco RS 1 Atlas

    I&M 202 EMD SD 40 Kato
    I&M 210 EMD SD 40 Kato
    I&M 211 EMD SD 40 Kato

    FBL 1030, ex BN 482 EMD NW II Kato; with ESU Loksound micro
    FBL 2525, ex BN EMD GP 35 Kato; with ESU Loksound

    BN 2216 EMD GP 30 LifeLike
    BN 2250 EMD GP 30 LifeLike
    BN 4240 Alco C 424 II Atlas / Kato
    BN 4244 Alco C 424 II Atlas / Kato
    BN 6318 EMD SD 40 Kato; white face
    BN 6338 EMD SD 40 Kato
    BN 9919 EMD E 8/9 LifeLike

    CN 5931 EMD SD 40-2 Kato; with sound
    CN 5934 EMD SD 40-2 Kato; with sound

    SOO 415 Alco RS-27 LifeLike 2000; with sound
    SOO 416 Alco RS-27 LifeLike 2000; with sound

    DM&I 50 Alco RSD-15 HH LifeLike 2000; with sound

    for more look at roster.
  12. friscobob

    friscobob Staff Member

    • 2 SD45s (RPP shells on modified Athearn chassis)
    • 3 Athearn U30Bs
    • 2 Stewart U25Bs
    • 2 Athearn SD40-2s
    • 4 Athearn GP38-2
    • 3 Atlas/Roco GP38
    • 1 Atlas Silver Series GP38
    • 1 Atlas Trainman GP38-2
    • 2 Front Range GP7 (one O/W, one black w/full whiskers)
    • 1 LL P2K GP7, black w/modified striping)
    • 1 Atlas GP7
    • 2 Walthers Trainline GP15-1
    • 2 Athearn RTR GP35
    • 1 Athearn "old school" GP35 in "torpedo boat" configuration, B/Y
    • 1 RPP shell/Athearn chassis GP35 (before the RTR series)
    • 1 SW1500
    • 1 Atlas RS1
    • 1 P2K E8A
    • 1 Spectrum 44-tonner (the first run, with two motors)
    • 1 Spectrum Russian Decapod
    • 1 Athearn F7B converted to an F9B
    • 2 Athearn GP40-2, modified blue box
    • 1 Athearn RTR-line GP40-2
    • Stewart RS2M (modified RS3 with GP9 long hood from Front Range shell)
    • 1 Train Miniature FA1 shell and chassis, awaiting trucks, unpowered
    • 1 BLI SW7
    Missouri Pacific
    • 1 Athearn GP38-2
    • 1 Athearn RTR GP35
    • 1 RPP shell/Athearn chassis GP35M
    Santa Fe
    • 2 P2K SD45
    • 2 Athearn F45
    Union Pacific
    • 1 P1K RSC2
    • 1 Athearn SD40-2
    • 1 Atlas U30C
    • 2 Athearn SD40-2
    Misc. RRs
    • Walthers Trainline GP9M, painted for Kyle
    • Atlas/Roco GP40, Texas, Oklahoma & Eastern
    • P2K SD45, Seaboard System (to be "retropainted" to SCL)
    • Athearn Blue-box U33B, Seaboard Coast Line
    This doesn't include what I have in storage on on the project list (Northeast Oklahoma S2, Frisco S2, two more GP38-2s, another SD45, and an FP7 all in Frisco)

    I would like later to get a couple of MKT diesels and caboose as well to go with the MP and KCS stuff. Besides Frisco, I also model the fallen flags and present Class 1s that ran in the mid-1970s.
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  13. NCGrimbo

    NCGrimbo TrainBoard Member

    I'm just starting, so here's my full, and short, list:

    Bachmann GP35 - CSX
    Bachmann GP50 - NS
    Athearn Genisis 4-8-8-4 "Big Boy" - Undecorated.
  14. 484

    484 TrainBoard Member

    Oh Boy.....


    PSC: Niagara (Crown), J3A (Hudson)
    Tenshodo: Niagara (Crown)
    Overland: J1B, J1E, (Hudsons) H106, H10A, H7E, H5T (Mikes)
    Key Imports: L2D, L3B (Mohawks), K5B (Pacific)
    W&R U3 (Switcher 0-8-0)
    MTS U2d (Switcher 0-8-0)


    CIL: E7A's A-A
    Division Point FT's A-B-B-A
    Key FA2's A-B
    Overland: PA-2's A-A
    PSC: EMD SW-7

  15. Cleggie

    Cleggie TrainBoard Member

    My Roster,

    2 Dash 8-32BHW Atlas both sound equiped

    Santa Fe

    C30-7 BLI sound equiped
    Alco S2 Atlas


    Dash 8-40BW Atlas
    Dash 8-40CW Bachmann
    AC4400 CW Kato
    Dash9-44CW Kato
    SD70MAC Kato

    Union Pacific

    C30-7 Atlas
    Dash 8-40 CW Atlas
    AC4400CW Kato
    2 SD60M Proto 2000

    Norfolk & Southern

    SD80MAC Kato.

    This is all I have to date but you can never have too many locos even on a small layout. I like to swap them around. Love the Atlas locos, my personal favorites. The Kato locos also rate high.

    I had some Athearn blue Box locos but have since sold them all, too noisy and too much trouble to convert to DCC.

    Cheers, Ken.
  16. AZBigDog

    AZBigDog TrainBoard Member

    Wow I'm such a noob compared to all you pros. We're modeling - or trying to model what we have here locally, so the only one that fits that is my UP AC4400CW we also have an GP38-2 (both athearns). We need to get at least one SD70MAC and a bunch of SD40-2's - (which is what they use as switchers around here-a fair amount of them with the old patched SP units) so I guess we'll have to do some custom patching. Not sure how to proceed with that, but when I get a hold of some of them, I'll be sure to ask the experts here for advice. ;)
  17. Jon Grant

    Jon Grant TrainBoard Member

  18. river_eagle

    river_eagle TrainBoard Member

    Es,Fs,and Gs,(P that is) Oh my!!!!
  19. Mr. Train

    Mr. Train TrainBoard Member

    My locomotive roster


  20. papataz857

    papataz857 New Member

    I am relatively new to the hobby so here is my short list:

    1 Bangor & Aroostock GP-7
    1 Boston & Maine GP-38-2
    2 Boston & Maine GP-40-2
    1 Boston & Maine RS-3
    1 Maine Central GP-40-2
    1 Conrail GP-9

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