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Maxwell Plant Feb 5, 2003

  1. Maxwell Plant

    Maxwell Plant TrainBoard Member

    ...what you model.

    I model the Santa Fe Railway from 1970-1982. I picked this railroad for several different reasons. First and formost, I use to travel up US 51 to Peru, Il. from my hometown of Lincoln, IL. Along the way we would pass under the Santa Fe and almost always see a train there. Sometimes it would be the Super Chief/ El Capitain. I loved the Santa Fe, and so it soon became my favorite railroad. I like other railroads too, such as the GM&O, Illinois Terminal, Illinois Central, Rock Island, CB&Q/Burlington Northern and the MKT and have many examples of there equipment in my roster. But the Santa Fe stuck with me, I really loved those Warbonnets! So now I'm going to recreate the ATSF between Chicago and Fort Madison, IA. in N-Scale. Euro and Ausi railways have always fascinated me but I never caught the bug to model them. To me, their locomotives and Cars looked too "stange" too me. If I was brought up in those places, maybe the North American stuff would look weird to me and the Euro or Ausi wouldn't. Anyway, that's why I do what I do. Let's hear from the rest of you! [​IMG]

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  2. RevnJeff

    RevnJeff TrainBoard Member

    I also happen to love Central Illinois. I lived in Springfield for several years and then traveled the I55 corridor between St. Louis and Chicago for three years while attending seminary in St. Louis.

    I model that part of the world, because it's scenic simplicity. You don't need big mountains, just gentle rolling plains, farmland, urban areas, and rivers.

    Take a look at my freelanced map on my web page and you will see that I have "messed" with reality. I freelanced the area where the old Chicago and Illinois Midland once roamed. I keep contemplating kitbashing an RS1325 but haven't gotten too far.


    Augsburg & Concord R.R.
    (a fictional shortline in Central Illinois)
  3. Hoss

    Hoss TrainBoard Member

    I model BNSF because that's what I like. :D
  4. Mike Robertson

    Mike Robertson TrainBoard Member

    Why I model the B & O, and my " imagineered"
    B & O subsidiary , The Great Western.
    My first H0 equipment, a gift from my parents, in 1957, was an Athearn B & O freight trainset, GP7 Hi-F drive.
    I later picked up another Athearn set, at a hobbyshop close-out, and it happened to also be B & O, an F-7 A-B unit & freight cars.

    I liked the paint scheme, and started doing some reading and research on the B & O, the oldest licensed freight carrier in North America.
    There was lots to read, over the years, a huge amount of readily available history.
    Anyway, I found that the B & O, when it first reached Frederick, [my late Dad's first name]in Maryland, connected with the Great Western Stage Coach Company.

    Since my favorite British railway had been the Great Western, I imagined that the B & O chartered a separate company to head North into Pennsylvania from there, the "G.W.R.R.", which then headed west to Detroit & Chicago.

    Meanwhile, the B & O main went westward to Wheeling, and eventually to St. Louis, as in real life.
    I only have a couple of my "Great Westen" locomotives left, in the same color scheme as the parent road. Most of my locos are B & O, with a WM and an Erie unit to represent my "imagineered" connections.
    The freight car fleet is about 75% B & O and 5% WM. Passenger cars are all B & O.

    It was a lot of fun doing the research. These days, with internet resources, such research is much easier, for those who want to give it a try.
    regards / Mike :D :D :D

    UNION_PACIFIC_STEVE TrainBoard Member

    I model the union pacific, i dont really know why, i just liked it. I also model any other railroad i feel like.

    I dont think there are any N scale models of queensland railways equipment, if it was readily available i would model that, being that its local and what i grew up with.
    i should scratch build somethign one day :D


    i would love a model of one of these [​IMG]
  6. Harron

    Harron TrainBoard Supporter

    CP's Northeast US Division (formerly known as the D&H), 2002-present. Spent the bulk of my 2002 fanning on the D&H, and I have extensive photographs and sightings lists to try and accurately re-create the happenings of the time.
  7. Dangerboy

    Dangerboy TrainBoard Member

    I model the UP too.I was impressed with the speed and size of the trains crossing Nebraska when I was passing through there.

    I have been considering switching to CP,my home road,so to speak.

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  8. Doug A.

    Doug A. TrainBoard Supporter

    I model the BNSF's ex-BN ex-Fort Worth & Denver line that runs from Fort Worth to Amarillo, TX. This has everything to do with the fact that I grew up along this line watching the big BN freight trains and coal trains cruise by. I lived about 4 blocks from the line, and my grandparents lived about a hundred yards or so from a passing siding and this is where it started. I also had two uncles that were into trains, one was primarily a modeler while the other was a railfan and "collector". Trains were ingrained into my head at an early age as I watched the big BN diesels rumble by, and before long I was toting a camera and a Uniden scanner. I modeled HO in my younger days, and focused on MKT as their ex-RI line also ran through my hometown, and my dad had a business close to some of the largest rock crushers in Texas, served by the Katy. But once I re-emerged in N-scale and saw the BN SD40-2's and SD60M's I knew exactly where my focus would be.

    My choice is good from a modeling standpoint as well, since there was a large variety of traffic on the line, plus a few good railroading points of interest. This line carries a large percentage of the Powder River coal that enters Texas, including (historically) run-through power from UP, MKT, SP, DRGW, and ATSF. UP also had trackage rights and ran many grain extras along with some general freight. BN ran intermodal up till '94, then discontinued service until '96 when ATSF began rerouting some TX/LA trains before the merger then increased the frequency after. There is an active helper district northwest of Fort Worth, where currently an SD40-2 is added to the DPU Big MAC to get the coal trains up Decatur Hill. North Fort Worth (Saginaw) has three very large grain elevators and the "interchange" with the former Santa Fe line to OKC which, among other things, hosts Amtrak and Triple-Crown roadrailers. Finally, Amarillo hosts not only the old FW&D but also the ATSF Transcon, which I plan to include a portion of, as well as the turntable at the Santa Fe yard. So, lots of unique modeling opportunities for a "circa 1997" prototype.

    Well, you ASKED!!! :D
  9. rray

    rray Staff Member

    I model the NP as a way of keeping in touch with the Pacific Northwest, a place I want to return to someday... If the nest ever empties! [​IMG]
  10. friscobob

    friscobob Staff Member

    I model the Frisco- reason being my family moved to Afton, OK in April 1973. Afton is on the Cherokee Subdivision, and is the junction point of the Afton Sub from Edward, KS. 14 trains a day, plus two locals, ran thru Afton, in particular hotshot QLA (which tore thru town at about 4:30 AM.). I saw the last of the F-units in action on the locals, SD45-F9B-SD45 consists, high-nose U25Bs, and off-road diesels from SCL, Southern, and Santa Fe.

    When I moved to Ft. Smith, AR in 1979 after college to attand med tech school, I shot pics of Frisco in action on the Central Sub, and even rode on GP15-1 100 on the North End Switcher.

    If I were to model another road, I woulda done BN (Frisco's successor, who to its credit did increase train fequency and introduce stack trains on the Cherokee Sub), if only in the 1980s. But with everybody & his dog running BN stuff, I'll stay with Frisco.
  11. BoxcabE50

    BoxcabE50 HOn30 & N Scales Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    I model The Milwaukee Road, and The Northern Pacific. I grew up in a family heavy with railroaders. A solid connection especially to the Milw. Living very near to a busy NP Line. Have known many Milw and other RR people for a loooooooong time. Found N scale in 1972, (Christmas present from my wife! :cool: ), and the size was perfect. Made many friends in the size.

    Am interested in a lot more from the pre-mega-merger era. But...... My poor wallet! [​IMG]


    Boxcab E50
  12. MagicMan_841

    MagicMan_841 TrainBoard Member

    I model the CN because it's my "home" railroad, but I really like the paint scheme. It's simple and nice.

    I wish there were more Canadian prototype model makers (in N scale, of course). At least there's Life-Like who has a few, and Athabasca Models (very expensive brass stuff).
  13. Eagle2

    Eagle2 Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    I went with MoPac because, despite the fact that I don't remember ever seeing it run, I grew up just outside St Louis, so it's the "home road," more or less. Probably my first railroad recollections are of visiting the St Louis Union Station, in days long before any restoration was dreamed of. Awesome!!!

    Lately, I've really gotten interested in intermodal because it just looks cool. A free week spent in the Barstow area (courtesy of Uncle Sam) really sold me.

    I also like modelling the military rail loads because, well, I do it so much...
  14. Doug A.

    Doug A. TrainBoard Supporter

    Hey, MY dog is a Chessie fan, thank you very much. I can't figure out why, though. :D

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