Wifi throttle not woriking in virtual machine

rva1945 Apr 14, 2020

  1. rva1945

    rva1945 TrainBoard Member


    Everything runs fine until I want to use my cellphone to control the locos. I installed JMRI in a "true" Windows 7 and the wifi throttle runs ok. The throttles IP is 192.168. (etc.)
    Then in a Linux host there is a WIndows 7 running in a Virtualbox virtual machine. The IP is because it sees the connection as inherited from the host (I'm not an expert in networking).

    Well there is no way I can make it work, the Engine Driver app can't get the throttles in that address.

    Does it work in VMs?
  2. Pieter

    Pieter TrainBoard Member

    Set your throttle's IP to the same range as 10.0.2.... But if the PC is on the internet, it might give you security risks. If you have a router, set up the DHCP on it in the 192.168..... range. This will create a private network for your home and anything connected to it will be automatically in the same address range. This will also give anything connected to your network access to the internet when required. When you cellphone now connect it will be on 192.168... and not 10.0.... and will happily talk to all the other 192.168... .

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