N Wiking August Release

cfritschle Aug 25, 2021

  1. cfritschle

    cfritschle TrainBoard Member

    Wiking's August release includes a four vehicle set in which each of the four vehicles is usable for North American themed layouts. This was the old N13 set initially released in 1971, and includes the 1970-74 Ford Capri I (sold by Mercury dealers as the Capri), the 1965-72 Porsche 911, the 1970-74 Audi 100, and the 1968-72 Volkswagen 411. https://www.wiking.de/shop/neu/august/vier-klassische-personenwagen.html

    While it is up to the modeler to "detail" the cars, the early Wiking N scale tooling still produces very good low cost models.


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