Will Life-Like be as good as KATO/ATLAS?

SD75I Mar 24, 2000

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    The Atlas website shows GP-20s for pre-order for BN, Conrail, and Demo with all other roads listed as sold out. An article on Model Railroad News dated Jan 2021 says that the GP-20s are 'arriving'. To be available with and without sound:


    "Landing in early 2021, Atlas’ Master N-scale GP20 releases include Burlington Northern, Conrail, EMD Demonstrator, Santa Fe, Southern Pacific, and Union Pacific. Multiple road numbers are available for each road name."

    "The Silver Sound Ready standard DC GP20s list for $129.95 and Gold edition DCC-sound offerings carry a $239.95 suggested retail price."

    So at least you might have a chance at one of the engines...
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    Good info! Thanks!

    Glad to add that as an option. Sorry it's a bit late for your U28C!

    One thing that you've already alluded to with using the light shield as part of the enclosure, or building an enclosure with the dimensions of the light shield, is that sometimes things like headlight tubes or shell clips and/or seams protrude down into the top opening of the light shield. These can collide with the speaker now occupying this previously-open space when you try to put the shell back on. I've had to trim back light tubes and other protrusions due to this but it usually didn't matter with light tubes, as I typically add a new SMD LED for the front headlight anyway. Still need to keep the top of everything low enough to clear things that can't easily be removed or trimmed back (I try to avoid trimming back clips, etc., that secure the cab to the shell) and for any new wires for new LEDs, etc., running along the top. Of course, the headlight shield enclosure option only works when a the sound decoder you're using does not need to protrude into the light shield like stock lightboards often do. Also, trimming-down light shields to accommodate the depth of the speaker can be somewhat tricky, as they're 3 sided, somewhat flimsy and breakable. While I have used the light shield itself on some enclosure builds with success, I will often chose to build a whole new enclosure instead of using the existing shield.
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    Yes, of course. The fuel tank cover is then the sound capsule.
    Look here. I first sealed the gap in the frames with Kapton tape. Then the cavities are filled with sealing compound, UHU Pattafix adhesive pads. The wired speakers you massage very gently into the cavity. IMG-20181223-WA0026.jpeg
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