Winter Blahs...

chooch41 Jan 15, 2003

  1. chooch41

    chooch41 TrainBoard Member

    I live in Canada. Today it is minus 23 outside. This is perfect weather for staying indoors and railroading, however, I can't seem to get motivated to get into my train room. I go in, sit down at my workbench and do nothing...
    What do you people do to get motivated? Please help......
  2. Telegrapher

    Telegrapher Passed away July 30, 2008 In Memoriam

    Get one of those buzzer things and put it in your chair. When you set down, it will motivate you. lol.
    How bad do you want to run trains? How proud do you want to be of your layout?
  3. sillystringtheory

    sillystringtheory TrainBoard Member

    I know exactly what you mean chooch5. I live in the snow belt in Northeast Ohio and it really stinks right about this time of year.
    We actually had a start to finish sunny day last week. The first one in about 2 months, and I couldn't believe how much rejuvinating energy it gave me. I was ripping around the house doing all kinds of stuff that had needed done. It was only temporary though, as I'm back to slugman status as the snow continues to fall for the 5th straight day and it's too cold to even think about going out railfanning. Right now, the only thing that is keeping me from going completely loony is the fact that I am going on a carribbean cruise in 2 weeks. [​IMG]
    Depression runs rampant this time of year. The symptoms you have described are classic. Don't let it get to you buddy! [​IMG]
  4. daveheinzel333

    daveheinzel333 TrainBoard Member

    chooch5- You totally put into words the way I've been feeling lately. I didn't realize it though, but now I do. I'll get like a 4 hour block of time that I can devote to my trains, but I'll end up thumbing through magazines I've read front to back instead of working on anything.

    I live far south of you, but it's still cold enough to keep people indoors months at a time. The windchill this morning was 7 below. I can see trains go by through my window at work, but it's too cold to go running after them for close up pics.

    So I guess I really don't have much advice to offer on how to get around this problem. I can say though that you and I and other people in this climate must enjoy spring and summer about 50 times more than the lucky ones down south in sunny warm year-round weather. The cold winters make you tough and build interesting personalities from what I've seen.

    Well, back to the cold to read about Turtle Creek in MR for about the 50th time. Later [​IMG]

  5. rray

    rray Staff Member

    I have a bad motivator too! Something I found that helps... When I first get to the layout area I try to clean it up first. Put away all the little tools, and clean up the work area. Then wipe the rails with a 1" square cloth wipe and water to get the dust goes quick this way.

    When the layout and work areas look clean, I find it is easier to get motivated to work on something, or not... just run a train around the track and look like you are having fun! If the spouse sees you running a train, she will feel good knowing you are enjoying yourself! :D
  6. railery

    railery E-Mail Bounces

    Okay all of U get up off ur duffs and have some fun. Thats how i do it. Clean up, read books, get motivated. By the time i do all that i'm ready for bed. [​IMG]

    But kidding aside. i just do it. Some things are fun to do and yes some are tedious. i know everyone is different when it comes to those two areas. i find it easier to do something i like and i usually have no problems starting it. But when it is tedious than i force myself to do it. And the reward afterwards, is the completion and feeling good for accomplishing it. Plus i get to brag to my partner about it ;)

    Hint: try to put yourself in the mood to do what u want to do. Music, train video, books something that helps with the movtivation.

    Best to ya Chooch5 :D
  7. friscobob

    friscobob Staff Member

    Well, in advance of another blue norther, I just finished:

    Adding more paint to two shells

    Decaling a CF7 shell for Thompson Rail Leasing (TRLX) as its 2637

    Installing the Bentonville staging track for the Spring River

    Redoing some soldering I did earlier (filanny found the solder flux)

    Making a test run on the existing trackage on the Spring River Railway (lower level of my layout), and working out some bugs. For the record, the SPRY is in business (yippee!!)

    Since I've got to work the next seven nights straight, I'll get very little done for a week or so.
  8. sillystringtheory

    sillystringtheory TrainBoard Member

    OK...I've had all I can take of this cold and snow. You can turn it off now!!! That's it, I'm moving. This stinks!!! I knew if I traded my 4x4 it would do this this year! I am truly home bound now. I can't even get out of my condo's main driveway as it slopes up hill.
    I can't wait another two weeks... I gotta get out of here now!
    HELP!...Somebody HELP ME!!!...

    WHEW...That's better... I'm alright now... Just needed to vent. [​IMG]
  9. rray

    rray Staff Member

    I Miss the snow! It was about 70 and sunny yesterday in my back yard, and in Monterey it was 77F! Today is sunglass sunny and going to be another warm one. I used to love building a model on a tv tray, sitting by the woodstove, and looking out the window at the snow. We got a little rain last month, but it's been mild to warm so far this month.
  10. daveheinzel333

    daveheinzel333 TrainBoard Member

    pray59- not too sure you'll get much sympathy here at this topic! I'd take sunny and 70 any day.

    That's what I miss about California. When I used to live there (southern ca), I could drive a half hour and end up in the desert, at the beach, or in the mountains with snow. Pick whatever climate you're in the mood for [​IMG] Of course there's the smog and the crazy people...
  11. cthippo

    cthippo TrainBoard Member

    Try getting full spectrum lights for your train room. Yes, they're stupid expensive, but the UV light will make you feel better (like sunlight does) and then you will want to spend more time in there. It also makes for great photos.

    Of course, I don't have this problem. being a vampire type I love the winter because I don't get anything done until the sun goes down! Right now I've got 14 productive hours a night! [​IMG]
  12. Johnny Trains

    Johnny Trains Passed away April 29, 2004 In Memoriam


    Fear of Weather:

    Sunshine: Phengophobia
    Ice or frost: Pagophobia
    Ice, frost or extreme cold: Cryophobia
    Thunderstorm: Brontophobia
  13. watash

    watash Passed away March 7, 2010 TrainBoard Supporter In Memoriam

    It has been cold here for several weeks, 23 degrees here last night and going down to 26 tonight!

    My old bones need anti-freeze to even move!

    I'm motivated, and in pretty good shape for whats left of me. I may still be up, or wake up first in the mornings.

    (Depends on how much work I did the day before.)

    However, here is how it goes,
    after a few cups of coffee, pills, 3 eggs, sausage and toast, sometimes both my eyes open at once. That scares the bejeebers out of the dog and she starts barking, realizing I didn't die afterall.

    Then Jan comes stumbling out of the bedroom.

    Maybe you get the same picture around your house?

    Here comes this appearition down the hallway ricochetting off the walls in a fuzzy pair of house shoes, chennile bath robe, and whats left of 26 curlers hanging at various angles.

    Its blinking one blood shot eye, (the other is still stuck shut), and squeeking noises about is the coffee made yet?

    There is a gapping hole in the face (it must be a face, it has ears), and a knarledy knuckeldy old finger pointing into this hole motioning for someone to pour "get-going" fluid inside.

    The dog is by now under the couch with both eyes covered. I have oozed over on my side preparing to leap into lightening action and start said coffee, very black, before something starts I can't take care of.

    The imediate thought is how to stay out of the way, and still reach my cup without opening my mouth for anything but a quik sip.

    If I make it, most of the time I can slide a warm cup toward her grasking claw and get my hand back before the remaining fingernail polish becomes imbedded in my poor quivering flesh!

    Usually I can clear the back of the couch and land in my chair before getting cut off, but when she gets between me and the TV, I have to wait for her to get aimed in the right direction and start rocking back and forth so she can start her feet toward her couch across the room.

    By this time I have started on my third cup, both eyes have become steady, and I can hear again, but I still have a firm hold on the kitchen table to keep from falling in the floor myself.

    Now I'm out of breath, better grab my pill!

    If I make it back to the couch, I have found over the years that it is healthier to offer to re-fill her cup for a warmup before trying to sit down.

    The few times I did forget, I didn't think of anything until mid-afternoon.

    Before sitting down the dog gnaws my leg to remind me that she needs something to get started on too, so I fix her a bowl.

    As I warm up my own cup at last, I make it a point to survey the room in an attempt to find out where I am.

    While I get my bearings, is when I start thinking about my trains and all the work I had planned to do today.

    While I get all warm and cushy back on my couch, sippin the hot stuff, it becomes appearant that now is no time to get a chill, so I get out the latest Model Craftsman while Jan goes off to work.

    Sometime around noon, I am wide awake, pumping with energy and good intentions and hungry as a bear! Food, sustinence, foder, ah HA!

    A hot can of Chicken Noodle soup later, and I'm too full to go outside, so I better sit and watch a train movie until it wears off.

    But I'm still hard at work thinking about what all I'm going to do on the new layout, yes siree. Just as soon as I finish supper and chit-chat with Jan about how her day went.

    Well, that can be a whole 'nother story! Its time for beddy bye, or see if I have any emails, so I delay sleep long enough to come visit with all of ya'all hear on the 'Board.

    But I'm always MOTIVATED! Cheers all! Watash
  14. railery

    railery E-Mail Bounces

    Watash another great story. [​IMG] [​IMG]
  15. fitz

    fitz Staff Member

    Watash, I KNOW Jan doesn't know what you send out to all of us. That was a great story, and Sharon never looks at what I post, either. You have more guts than I do, my friend. :D
    As far as being motivated, I'm here in the Pacific northwest where rain is the common weather. I love it. Go out and take pictures of heavy surf and rainbows. Go talk to all the folks who come to stormwatch. Get the old heavy raingear on and go walk in it, four miles at a time, getting blasted by the wind and rain. Great stuff. ;)
  16. Johnny Trains

    Johnny Trains Passed away April 29, 2004 In Memoriam

    Winter, blah!!!!!!!!!!!

    It's 9 degrees this morning in the City. That's without the 25 to 40 MPH winds we are going to have this weekend. Last night was the first night this winter we had to keep the heat on in the apartment all night.

    Mary Kay has been lucky enough to have free lance work to do AT HOME, while I'm even more lucky enough to be the one who is going to the Post Office, grocery store, lottery store, etc! OH JOY! Let me run run run right now!

    It's back home and back to work cleaning the layout. After I thaw out that is.
  17. rush2ny

    rush2ny TrainBoard Member

    Yeah, I get Gopher duty as well John,
    Gopher this, gopher that.....gopher lunch....

    Nor rain nor sleet nor snow....that was my motto long before I was hired by the post office!-LOL

    Stay Warm!
  18. porkypine52

    porkypine52 TrainBoard Member

    Winter blahs? Who has time for em? Too much to do! Now is the time for working inside. It was around 15-20 degrees here last night at 9:00 pm. Front door of the house was wide open, furnace was red hot , trying to keep the inside and outside of the house warm, what was I doing? Unloading 25 sheets of plywood and 18 sheets of panelling for the rebuild job for my layout room in the basement. Slept good last night and have been cutting and fitting wood since I got home today. will be back in the basement tomorrow. You gotta do the work if you want results.

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