Wire Dwarf & Panel Control Signals to a Atlas Turnout

Alan C. Feb 12, 2012

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    Atlas Turout Wireing.jpg
    Here is a scamatic of a Atlas turnout I drew this to help simplify the wiring of this turnout and others like it. I included how to power route the frog as well as adding LED's for Dwaf and Control Panel lights. The key component here is the Atlas Snap Relay (DPDT Latching Relay) as known by others. The other item is the Snap Switch ( SPDT Momentary ON Center OFF Toggle Switch) This is where some of us run into problems is when you get a toggle that is ON-OFF-ON SPDT instead. If the toggle DOES NOT spring back on its own you have the WRONG switch. I think why some of us have trouble with this switch is because when we flip it it won't stay put in the THROWN position and we think it's broke.

    Here is the Basic wiring for the turnout lighting and frog once you have this circuit mastered all you have do is repeat it for each of the other turnouts on you layout. Where you might have to reverse the LED's you can take those power leads from that point and attach them any ware in the main buss line that's convenient

    If you decide to power the frog and it doesn't match the lights or the throw position, again just reverse the wiring.
    Also the 1000 ohm resister is a good starting place for most all of the LED's If they are to bright or not bright enough add or drop down about 200 ohm I try to run mine about 1/2 the max current for longer life. Hope this helps.
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