Wolfcreek Update-SEP2010

DragonFyreGT Sep 1, 2010

  1. DragonFyreGT

    DragonFyreGT TrainBoard Member

    Train show time already, Sadly, due to a family Emergency, that week I'll be up in Minnesota. But there are several good things going on for the line this month. Lets start with A WORKING CAMERA! I bought a thin Sony CyberShot because of the Panoramic mode. Basically you click the button in the mode and slowly move the photo to the direction of the arrow on the screen until it stops. You get a large panoramic picture. But lets start with something I love so dear, my 100th Anniversary Boxcar in PRR Paint:

    Yes that's my shirt. It's Tony Hawk Brand. Anyways. Lets talk about the track bumper from last month's show. Unlighted, 5 dollar original LGB Track Bumper in that ugly plastic brown. Well, I took care of that a few weeks ago. I painted the wood D&RGW Building Brown and the coal was painted engine black. It matches the other bumper (Painted Testors Military Flat Tan & Gloss Black) by just over 1 shade. But the reason for this is... New track work. I'm redoing how I want the engine yard to look, so I'm mocking things up in the basement:
    NewTrackWork.jpg NewPaintedTrackBumper.jpg

    Now onto my Stainz. I finally got her Hook Coupler in. Installed it and I also have some pictures of my botched surgery of adding an Open Coal Bunker Load. Mind you, I'm okay with the nicks and paint chips, you won't see that with heavy weathering which she will have. Plus the details too man:
    StainzCoalBunker.jpg StainzCoupler.jpg

    Station Updates. My PC Rig is finished and the buildings Brown parts are painted. Now it's onto painting the green parts and then final assembly will continue. I'm pacing myself on this to make sure it gets done right and mostly because painting by hand takes a while. Having to do multiple coats and to try to get the coats to vary like the buildings been aged by weather isn't easy, but it's still fun.

    The layout might not go outdoors this year. I had to use a lot of my money to fly in certain family members who couldn't afford to go to minnesota, I don't care if they pay the money back at all to be honest. Maybe next spring, I know I keep delaying it, but my best laid plans don't work right, which is fine. Still looking for my Switch tower at the moment. I want this winter to be about the station project, tie up loose ends, etc.

    So until other updates, which may include station progress photos, I said Adieu~
  2. EMD trainman

    EMD trainman TrainBoard Member

    Sorry to hear about the family. Don't worry, I'll have you covered as usual as far as the train show, I'll take lots of pictures and I know basiclly what you are looking for anyway. Hope the best for you.

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