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Cam Apr 4, 2009

  1. Cam

    Cam TrainBoard Member

    I have just finished making a small pond with the Woodland Scenics Realistic Water product. As per the directions I poured 1/8 inch initially, and also per the instructions, I applied another light coat (less than 1/8 inch) 24 hours later. I have been reading some threads that say you should wait longer (sometimes 2 to 3 days or more) between coats to allow complete drying. I did notice the initial coat was a bit tacky when I applied the second but hopefully it will all dry clear.
  2. Powersteamguy1790

    Powersteamguy1790 Permanently dispatched

    You should wait till the WS water completely sets before "pouring" another layer on top of the first one.

    On my layout I always waited 3-4 days for the initial "pour" of WS water to completely set up. Sometimes it takes longer, depending on the humidity in the air.
  3. HOexplorer

    HOexplorer TrainBoard Supporter

    Cam, I am a user of WS Realistic Water. I have no affiliation with WS. There are many ways to do water. I like the simplicity of simply pouring and having acceptable water in the end. That said you have to let the first pour dry. I usually wait a day or two. Sometime you will have to make 5 or 6 pours to achieve final results. Always give these pours at least 24 hours to dry. Also Realistic Water has some drawbacks. It does tend to 'creep'. This can be solved by laying 'dirt' around the water covering up the 'creep'. Another is Realistic Water will find every minute hole in your pond or river. Always put paper under your pourings so it doesn't hit the floor. Of all the water systems this is probably the easiest. Probably not the best but it works for me. http://www.trainboard.com/railimages/showphoto.php/photo/89617/ppuser/6936

    Cheers, Jim CCRR/aka Socalz44

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