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TonyHammes Feb 5, 2019

  1. TonyHammes

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    Poured a section of Woodland scenic realist water for my Snake River and Clearwater river. The first layer shrunk a bit but looked pretty good. Added a second layer as per instructions, checked to make sure it was 1/8" or less in depth. Not very happy with results. Has numerous air bubbles that didn't settle out and am waiting to see if one section dries clear (still a little murky after 12 hours). Is there any way to repair/salvage. Debating if I should paint over the top of it and apply future floor wax or another product.
  2. BarstowRick

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    I thought something went wrong with the local Snake River. At first I thought it had frozen over and then I find out you poured WHAT into it?:unsure:o_O:sick: LOL

    The most direct answer to your question is tear it all out and use the two parts...now I can't think of what it's called. Back in a minute. But while your waiting this...

    I've used the crystals. The ones you heat up and pour. This may not be the same product you used but it acts similarly...with the same results. It doesn't act the same way twice. Not as reliable as I'd like to see it. One of the problems I had with it..., it shrinks over time and pulls away from the river banks or bridge columns. I finally ripped it all out and went back to using the two parts EnviroTex....[​IMG]

    I would suggest two things. Take your original Wood Land Scenics product and try practicing with it to see how it reacts and pours. Should you choose to switch to my favorite. Once again practice with it before you make that all important, everlasting pour. It's all in how accurate you mix the two parts, how you stir it. Pouring it in thin coats and allowing it to cure. Usually a 24 hour cure time...works best.

    I built a layout for a youngster and used this product. I understand it's the only thing on the layout he didn't mess with. He said he liked it. It passed the kid test.
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  3. HOexplorer

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    Did you tap the edge of you water so the bubbles would rise to the surface? If you didn't then you've learned something. Check the label. Here are more than two pours, 4 I think, and not one bubble. Never had a problem with WS Realistic Water.

    water effects.jpg
  4. TonyHammes

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    Yes did tap and move bubbles do the edge. Just had a lot more that didn't disappear that were in the middle of the pour. First pour the bubbles all disappeared. Trying to figure out what to do next. May paint the last pour with the olive green and then add one more thin pour. Waiting for it to completely dry to see what I have to work with.
  5. COverton

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    Two things: paint over what is in place with a new preparatory 'river bottom'. Use a combination of yellow, green, tan, and dark blue to create the depth changes you want.

    Secondly, use the same product if you have more. The trick to getting rid of bubbles (I have done this many times, so I know what to do...) is to simply blow your warm breath over the surface within about 20 minutes of pouring. In fact, believe it or not, the last time I did this about three months ago, I simply waited the bubbles out of the Envirotex I elected to try (I normally use a two-part finish-quality epoxy available at a local hardware store). I watched them form, or remain in place, as I poured and spread the material to the edges. I went back, knowing I could use a soda straw in my mouth and gently blow on the surface with it. This has worked every singly time...every time. But when I went back to the Envirotex the bubbles had all sorted themselves out and were gone. I was pleased...and surprised, because the Swing Paints Nu-Luster 55 I had used previously required the straw treatment.

    Repaint the river bottom, add another pour, a thin one, and use the soda straw. It should work. When you have your pour done and cured, use a thin layer of 'gel gloss medium' spread over the surface, stipple it by tapping with the side of a foam brush, and you'll have natural ripples left over.
  6. JimJ

    JimJ Staff Member

    2CE63DA1-5246-4EDB-B883-6C71A641F08B.jpeg I highly recommend a product called Magic Water. Two part mixture with no smell.
  7. Hytec

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    Jim, that's excellent stagnant murky water, great for frogs and catfish.

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