Workbench Complete

gregamer Sep 4, 2012

  1. gregamer

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    No it's not just an inverse of my previous post Benchwork Complete. This post is about the workbench I've built under my new layout. I'm pretty proud of this one.


    The key features are:

    • Magnetic Tool Strip: I bought these at Harbor Freight a few years ago and have been waiting for an occasion to use them. Since the work table is kind of small (16″) deep, I figured keeping the tools off of the work area would be helpful.
    • Under Cabinet Lighting: I bought two of these lights a few years ago for around $20 each. They are T5 fluorescent lights. I broke one and was left with only one working. I stopped by Fry’s this afternoon and found them available for only $8, I bought two more to fill out the workbench lighting. This was a great savings because I was about to place a $100 order at CYELITE for T4 fluorescent lights.
    • New Chairs for the Boys: Staples had these chairs on sale a couple of weeks ago for $30. I also had a $5 coupon. I really wanted to get some chairs for my boys. Now we will all have a place to sit when we’re weathering.
    • Rotating Vise: Surprise surprise, something mechanical from Harbor Freight that’s actually worth a damn. I got this for around $20; much cheaper than a $70 PanaVise. I just used it to hold some Kadee 119 couplers while I filed the upper shelf off of them.
    • Dremel with Flex Shaft: Of course.

    The melamine tabletop is 85" long and 16" deep. It is supported by 1 1/2" slotted steel angles (as described in my post: Skyboards, workbench and valance fascia)

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  2. BoxcabE50

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    Hmmm. I see something my bench is missing- A bottle of beer.....

    Is your vise a suction base?
  3. PEIR

    PEIR TrainBoard Member

    Very impressive work area Greg. You could be quite an assembly line with a work area that long.

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