Working as an Electrician for the Railroad

Rocket Jones Sep 25, 2015

  1. Rocket Jones

    Rocket Jones TrainBoard Member

    On the website Art of Manliness, they have a recurring series called "So You Want My Job/Trade". Today's article talks about being an electrician, and they interview a guy who did construction before moving into electrical maintenance for one of the railroads near Chicago. General info, but interesting. I especially liked this picture he included about working on the lights on a railroad bridge, that would make an interesting addition to one's layout.

    pontoon lift.jpg
  2. natsb

    natsb TrainBoard Member

    I can imagine how unstable it is at the top of that arm. It must be a great ride. Does the boat driver have his hat pulled over his eyes? Is that big round cement thing there to stop floating debris from hitting the bridge?
  3. TwinDad

    TwinDad TrainBoard Member

    Can't say for sure, but I'd say that big round thing is to stop boats from hitting the bridge. There's probably another one on the other side of the channel. OTOH with that low of a clearance, it'd have to be a drawbridge (of some type) for anything big enough to damage the bridge to make it under. Can't tell from the photo.

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