Yucatan, Mexico

ddechamp71 Jun 3, 2006

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    Hi all, I've just added a few shots I've taken 2 weeks ago close to and in Valladolid, in Yucatan, Mexico. (go to: Quick Link - Railimages.com -Railimages Members Gallery)

    I was having a week standby as a crew member in Cancun, Mexico, and as beaches and overcrowded nightclubs are no thrill stuff for me, I preferred to rent a car and have tourism in the area.

    I was aware there's an operating railroad between Merida and Valladolid, Yucatan: the Ferrocarril Chiapas-Mayab. Unfortunately this line sees only two or three trains a week each way between both cities, but I was lucky enough to have the dispatcher's phone number to ask for trains schedules.

    So I took a few shots whom you'll find some samples in my own album.

    I hope you'll enjoy seeing this train running on the 13-mph maxi speed improbable track embedded within Mother Nature.

    Myself I love!:shade:

    Dominique, stinkin' cheese eater from France
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    Wonderful photos.:shade:

    I am glad that the locomotive knew where the rails were, I doubt if I could have found them...:eek:mg:

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