Z Scale Alco S-2 Parts by The Z Maker

shortpainter Feb 4, 2020

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    Alco S-2 shells and chassis are available on Shapeways. There is also a handrail kit, decals and assembly instructions available at The Z Maker website. To complete the kit, the modeler must remove the motor, circuit board and trucks from a Rokuhan Shorty Shinkansen Type.

    Visit the Shapeways store: click here
    Visit The Z Maker website: click here
    Rokuhan Shorty is available wherever z scale trains are sold.

    These items have been available since December 2019 but at that time there was still much work to be done. Now that I have finalized the design, published the assembly instructions, and secured a steady supply of etched metal parts, I now consider this product officially released. I'd like to thank all those that jumped in early and started building the kits before the instructions were even completed. I was taken aback by the enthusiasm. Happy modeling!

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