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mdvholland Nov 5, 2022

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    Hi all, a Dutch producer of fine resin cast cars and details has been bringing a Z scale line for a few years now. Today I read his newsletter stating that due to low demand, he will end his Z scale product line by the end of this year.
    For those unfamiliair with panzer-shop.nl, do take a look; the selection includes some nice objects. Kevin speaks english and is quick with replies and delivery.

    I got some of his Dutch military vehicles, still need to finish painting, but for an impression: personnel carrier, army truck and patrol vehicle. Resin is transparant, liquid mask was removed later on to show see through windows. DSC03751-kleiner.JPG DSC03758.JPG

    Btw, I have no affiliation with this company, just a satisfied customer.

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    Your photos show the detail is there. I had seen his site before, but never purchased anything because I could not see the detail.

    His photos are only 800 x 600 pixels in size, which is small enough as is, however it is all background with a tiny 150 by 100 pixel of the photo being the model in the center of all that wasted screen capture, so it was hard to tell what the models look like.

    When posted here, the photos zoom in better so you can see the detail:

    full screen cap.jpg

    Z Scale Jeep.jpg
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