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ztrack Dec 5, 2019

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    Ztrack and Archistories have partnered again to offer the US market a new kit! These turn of the century houses can be seen across North America. From farms to villages, these homes typify small town America. These kits are not just a kit, but provide builders numerous options. Each kit can be assembled upwards of 20 different ways! This allows one to populate a layout with these houses, and each home being unique.

    The first release has homes in five different colors. Note the different roof styles across the line. The kits are made from high-grade architectural laser-board. The footprint is 45×35×33mm.


    406191 White Kit Turn of the Century house 1


    407191 Light blue Kit Turn of the Century house 1


    408191 Light yellow Kit Turn of the Century house 1


    409191 Beige Kit Turn of the Century house 1


    410191 Dark grey Kit Turn of the Century house 1

    Please your order today at www.ztrackcenter.com

    Or through your authorized Ztrack Distribution dealer.

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    Those are amazing!(y)

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