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Discussion in 'Layout Design Discussion' started by traingeekboy, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. traingeekboy

    traingeekboy TrainBoard Member

    I am working on a new layout. In the past I have come here for advice but I think I am in unknown territory right now. I figured I'd post some stuff and show you what I'm doing.

    I saw British garden layout photos years ago and it didn't grab me. For some reason seeing videos made it all fit in place and now I am drawn to the idea of non static scenery, less modelling, and more toy training.

    Here is the inspiration:

    My layout so far...

    IMG_3000 by thetraingeekboy, on

    IMG_2999 by thetraingeekboy, on Flickr

    IMG_2997 by thetraingeekboy, on Flickr

    I would start a blog, but I get tired of having to follow peoples blogs, so here it is... my new layout.


    Oh yeah, stage one is a 19' x 9'9" double oval. Stage two will be a 40' line to the backyard. Stage three???? who knows. he he he
  2. ZiggySpaz

    ZiggySpaz TrainBoard Member

    If you're going to model N-scale outdoors, you're going to have to have a couple of working rotary snowplows unless you live south of the Mason-Dixon line. You'll be able to run some really long trains though! Dress up the stands real nice and that will be a lot of fun! Smooth rails!
  3. traingeekboy

    traingeekboy TrainBoard Member

    He he no N scale for the outdoor layout, it's strictly HO and OO scale. I do have my N scale layout for when I want to model. this layout has consumed me though. It's just a fun runner for my 70's trains.

    I got some more work done. You have to imagine that trains are rolling and your buddies are hanging out with you drinking coffee or sipping cold beers. Of course your friends have brought over some of their trains to run as well. :) Oh yeah why not do some grilling too!

    IMG_3005 by thetraingeekboy, on Flickr

    IMG_3003 by thetraingeekboy, on Flickr

    IMG_3004 by thetraingeekboy, on Flickr

    I think it's kind of funny. Most model railroaders don't really seem to find this style of layout interesting. I suppose it isn't model railroady enough. he he he A 19 x almost 10 foot layout. I could never fit that into my house.
  4. Mudkip Orange

    Mudkip Orange TrainBoard Member

    I had no idea anyone ran HO/OO outdoors. Won't the motors just get all gummed up with crap?

    Even in a place like Houston, you still have to worry about leaves, birds crapping on it... etc
  5. traingeekboy

    traingeekboy TrainBoard Member

    Actually outdoor railroading is a very British tradition. The Brits run anything and everything on outdoor layouts. I think the video I posted has a clip of trains running in a snow storm on DCC. It's a different thing than modelling, more about running. After getting into this new phase of model railroading, I've completely neglected my N scale layout in favor of an outdoor runner. But I didn't tear the model railroad apart, I know how I am, i'll want to do actual modelling on my N scale layout again at some point.

    I can spend hours of inspiration on youtube finding different layouts:
  6. Dave Riffle

    Dave Riffle TrainBoard Member

    Wow, I'm jealous! I've long desired to do something outdoors, and even have it all planned out in my mind. But my wife said "Hey, sounds great. But you need to choose - n scale in the trainroom OR something outside. So, I kept the trainroom! :)

    I like the idea of doing HO, and you could also do On30 if you wanted, which I would probably have done if G didn't work out. Good for you for having fun with it. I agree that sometimes the layouts consume us - we've talked about this in a previous thread - and so having something that's just fun to do and that you can't get hung up on is awesome.

  7. traingeekboy

    traingeekboy TrainBoard Member

    Hiya Dave!!! LTNS

    I thankfully am not single but have my own home. Believe it or not my girlfriend is constantly amused by my antics. It's fairly win win at this point.

    I do have to add that there seems to be an attitude of my scale my style etc. is better. But model railroading really is a huge place of possibilities. There is something for everyone and some of us even get to do a couple different things if we want to. I find that I migrate between favorite prototype and scale every year or so, it just never gets boring for me.

    I am also considering the idea of running On30 on my layout. There are certain locos I've always wanted, and sure a double oval style layout is not my idea of colorado narrow gauge, but I can run them if I get them later on. There is also the idea of another layout in the backyard going through the vegetable garden. he he he I do need somewhere to set up my lionel 3 rail O gauge track!

    Speaking of boring, I remember a while back some guy was lamenting his loss of interest in model railroading. I do that every once in awhile. The best thing to do is pack the trains away, not sell them all. Or else cull the collection and rediscover what you truly love. Or start looking at other railways around the world. I swear I don't beleive this can ever actually get boring.
  8. Dave Riffle

    Dave Riffle TrainBoard Member

    I ride the wave all the time. I made a push for a few months in the train room back in Feb-Mar, then have been sidetracked with other things. I just got back in the last week and started messing around again, and I'm feeling a little motivated. Then I'll get sidetracked again at some point....and repeat. I just tell myself not to fight it, but rather to just move on to something else until I'm ready to do the train thing again.

    I don't have any kind of budget for an outdoor venture, but if I did, the On30 stuff sounds very interesting, weather permitting. :)

  9. traingeekboy

    traingeekboy TrainBoard Member

    Budget??? Who needs a budget!!!

    So far all the wood and most of the hardware is scrounged for free. I expect track will set me back when I get to that point. I need about 60.00 in flex track for each oval of my double mainline. That doesn't include the costs of switches. Till the need for track happens I'm just building wood things.

    I gotta agree, "ride the wave". Yeah I do that, surfs up on the layout and then nothing for a while.
  10. traingeekboy

    traingeekboy TrainBoard Member

  11. traingeekboy

    traingeekboy TrainBoard Member

    I love this layout, but there is definitely a level of hilarity to how we model railroaders, me included, produce videos. If you watch till the placement of the three span bridge, the timing of the dramatic music along with every gesture of the model railroader makes me giggle. I dunno, maybe I have a weird sense of humor. This video has some great train shots, but the music and the guy crack me up. And whats with the wind mill? This is the third model railroad I've seen with a windmill on it.

    This second video has a really huge diesel in it. Very nice!
  12. traingeekboy

    traingeekboy TrainBoard Member

    More progress on the benchwork.

    IMG_3009 by thetraingeekboy, on Flickr

    the night shot after I got the gap filled.

    IMG_3015 by thetraingeekboy, on Flickr

    Two days later I filled it in with plywood and then added hinges before cutting a gap.

    IMG_3017 by thetraingeekboy, on Flickr

    I've never used a lift bridge before. We'' see how it holds up when track gets laid.

    IMG_3018 by thetraingeekboy, on Flickr

    As always found lumber so some of it is painted mismatched colors.
  13. traingeekboy

    traingeekboy TrainBoard Member

    IMG_3014 by thetraingeekboy, on Flickr

    The lift from the outside. I may be adding some guides to make it really lock into place.
  14. Flashwave

    Flashwave TrainBoard Member

    I'm kinda worried about the leg stability. Are those dropped like fence posts? Or are they just there, holding each other up?
  15. traingeekboy

    traingeekboy TrainBoard Member

    The legs go 18" into the ground on most of the layout. The sections along the chain link are strapped to the chain link posts and they go into concrete footers. It's pretty solid although I don't want anyone standing on them, then again I don't want anyone standing on any of my layouts indoor or outdoor. :)
  16. mogollon

    mogollon TrainBoard Member

    Stick with it, outdoor railroading is fun. Your "benchwork" looks OK to me, I use camera tripods myself.
  17. traingeekboy

    traingeekboy TrainBoard Member

    Thanks woody,

    I figure if something breaks I just find more free wood in the alleys and fix it. Your layout is amazing BTW.
  18. traingeekboy

    traingeekboy TrainBoard Member

    Another day, another plank. Didn't have my level or T square so it's just rigged into the layout. It's a little crooked but who cares.

    IMG_3020 by thetraingeekboy

    Up Next: Rounding the end curve to connect the oval. I'll probably do it in two stages.
  19. traingeekboy

    traingeekboy TrainBoard Member

  20. Loadmaster

    Loadmaster TrainBoard Member

    Hi Geeky,
    I currently live in So Cal in the semi desert. I run Marklin HOac and have been designing a track plan along the fence line. I've drilled holes and mounted "L" brackets along the fence. I've also done the same along the patio support beams. I'm keeping the track in the shade as since it gets into the 90s & triple digits in the summer, the track expands plus Marklin "C" track has plastic roadbed. They also have "K" track which is more natural, but with the "C" track I can install digital turnout motors under the roadbed and control them from the Central Station. I got this idea when I had an extended mission layover in the UK and was invited to one of the squadron members home. He mounted his track along the fence and brick wall that surrounded his back yard on a narrow shelf.
    When I retired from the USAF, my wife wanted a garden RR so I introduced her to LGB and after seeing the prices, she agreed I should stay with HO and Z scales. I belong to European Train Enthusiasts and the So Cal chapter I guess all the members have their layouts in their houses or garage. I prefer to run my trains since I love Looooooong trains and 26 cars don't look right on a table top.

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