IC 5063

IC 5063, originally A&V 406. Built Baldwin 10/1907, renumbered by the IC in 1926. Scrapped 6/1946.

IC 5063
Orsonroy, Mar 5, 2007
    • BoxcabE50
      Any further info on this flood? What's going on in this photo?


      Boxcab E50
    • Stourbridge Lion
      Nice vintage photograph!!!!!!!
    • Orsonroy
      I have no idea where these flood photos were taken (I just uploaded a second shot of this engine in the floodwaters). I suspect that they were taken on the south end of the IC, deep in the heart of Dixie: the IC experienced regular flooding down there, and was a mover & shaker in getting levees arounf NO improved and swamps throughout the South drained and diked. I also uploaded another photo of a different flood in MS as an example of what the IC went through annually (I've got something like 20 different flood photos from the IC, all in different locations!)
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    Mar 5, 2007
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