Industrial (Grain Elevators) area.

OK Back to the Layout Build. I have been reusing some of my old switches from the Table layout on the Bend Track Module, I figured they don't need to be in the best of shape for the Industrial area. The track plan is based on how the switches assembled in their old place as some are welded together already. I also found the double slip switch in a box of stuff I was looking thru today so I tossed it in to the track work too. Then when looking thru boxes I thought were building I found a box full of NEW switches!!! So I guess I'll have some new ones to use in the Nuclear power plant area when I get to working on that. Below are some picture of the tack work up to this point in the Industrial (Grain Elevators) area. I plan on seeing how many different Grain Elevators I can fit in this area to make it look like a bunch of smaller ones were built first then came in the big elevators.

Industrial (Grain Elevators) area.
Jolly, Feb 13, 2009
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