Announcing the National Z Scale Convention

Joe D'Amato Aug 13, 2009

  1. HOexplorer

    HOexplorer TrainBoard Supporter

    My wife and are are staying at the Ramada. $60 per nite. Cheers, Jim CCRR
  2. rray

    rray Staff Member

    Hi Chopper Greg, Welcome to Trainboard!

    Usually conventions can be done on a budget by several methods. If on a budget, try to find someone to pitch in on a rental car, share a room with a train buddy, or if that's not possible, a campground is also often chosen. Usually you can find a place that has showers for <$20 a night, and bring a sleeping bag and air mattress.

    Meals can be fast food, or a cooler in the parking lot. I have even seen guys bicycle in and carry their backpacks inside, and in the morning they go into the convention hotel and cleanup in their guest bathrooms.

    The things you want to do are the Saturday Night meal, usually $20-30 a person, but there are awards, door prizes, and lots of fun, no matter which table you get seated at. Pick at least one tour for another $20-30, and the registration which is usually the big hit. The whole deal can be done for about $200, excluding transportation.

    My first NMRA convention I knew a bunch of local modelers who model on a shoestring budget, and 3 of got together and slept in a van out in the parking lot. Don't feel out of place, as lots of people have to economize, probably half of the people attending do.
  3. Joe D'Amato

    Joe D'Amato TrainBoard Member

    Good outline Robert.

    We hope to keep the costs down, a few meals will be included in the registration fees, so I think the BBQ and the Awards dinner are covered. There is also a very good breakfast bar at the hotel that comes with the room.

  4. Chopper Greg

    Chopper Greg TrainBoard Member

    I have talked it over with the wife, as long as it can be afforded, she doesn't have any issues with watching the kids for a few days.

    So it looks like I can fly in on the 29th and fly out on the 2nd.

    Not to put the cart before the horse, but assuming that the first one works out well, has anyone any thoughts on where the second 'Z convention' might be held?
  5. rray

    rray Staff Member

    I'm thinking it might be near Sacramento, during the week of the NMRA National, so we can setup at the NTS that weekend to really have a great time. This would give those in the NMRA the chance to do some NMRA tours, Attend the Z Scale convention for a couple days, and still do the big show at the end. Also wives who don't care much for trains stuff will have things to do as they always have events for them.

    Guest a guess, but we get to work it out for sure next year. :D
  6. Chopper Greg

    Chopper Greg TrainBoard Member

    May I suggest Cheyenne WY, as a possible future convention local?

    For a RR modeler, it has plenty of opportunities for Rail Fanning at the local yards ( not to mention the local UP has a Big Boy and Challenger there plus the city has a few open air steam engine exhibits ), yet it is also within day trip reach of Denver and it's rail yards and the Train Museum in Golden CO.
  7. BillMock

    BillMock TrainBoard Member

    Also wives who don't care much for trains stuff will have things to do as they always have events for them.

    Last that I remember, Harry & David is right around the corner and they have a shop that sells all of their products and overruns at a discount. Scary. :)
    Bill Mock
  8. Chopper Greg

    Chopper Greg TrainBoard Member

    Ok, I'm in --- I just called and made Hotel reservations and the convention registration should be faxed in by the end of the week.

    DPSTRIPE TrainBoard Supporter

    I still have to send in my registration but I have booked my flights and hotel. I am fling in on the 29th, but I am not flying out umtil the Morning of the 3rd. I couldn't book a decent connection on the 2nd. Now, I just have to send in my registration form, and, of course, be available that weekend.
    Dan S.
  10. SJ Z-man

    SJ Z-man TrainBoard Member

    Good job guys. See you there.
  11. Chopper Greg

    Chopper Greg TrainBoard Member

    Ok, Hotel reservation & flight reservation, booked, and I have just confirmed that my Convention registration is in and is to be processed today.

    The only thing that can stop me now is the fact that my flight is standby, and it ends up being booked solid - but it is free and I am first on the list.

    Who else is going ?

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