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keystonecrossings Apr 2, 2013

  1. montanan

    montanan TrainBoard Member

    Sounds like a great project. Waiting for updates and photos. Put up the catenary. It makes a lot of difference. I have a Milwaukee Road modeler friend who didn't have the catenary and with a little help and prodding, up went the overhead. I was able to make a jig for him and the process went along smoothly and the improvement was fantastic ! I had jigs left over from another project which did help.
  2. mikelhh

    mikelhh TrainBoard Member

    Terry what a marvellous long mainline run and a good big yard with some scattered industries. Very impressive!

  3. JPIII

    JPIII TrainBoard Member

    One post, eh?
    OK, here's an overall pic of the progress thus far. Everything above the switchbacks will be old growth forest with a RR being built into it.
    I have about 4 feet of real estate & 8 feet of trackage left to go at the upper right. A large lumber mill goes in the space on the flats below.[​IMG]
  4. saronaterry

    saronaterry TrainBoard Member

    Wow, thanks , fellas!!The train was running a bit faster than I usually run. It takes a little over 10 minutes to travel the sceniced portion you saw in the video. The layout is one BIG circle. Where you saw the train appear connects under the layout where you saw it disappear. There's a 7 track staging yard in the furnace room( towards the 6.5-7 minute or so mark in the vid.) The track runs under the sceniced portion around the perimeter of the basement. 30'x42'.
    Again, thanks for the nice comments!:blush:

    Terry in NW Wisconsin
  5. traingeekboy

    traingeekboy TrainBoard Member

    My layout has a temporary name, I call it the My Cobbled Together Layout because most of the benchwork is stuff I find free in alleys or bought cheaply at the local habit for humanity store. My whole approach to doing this layout is to see how far I can get on a layout by spending very little money.

    The layout uses HO scale c 100 track but features rolling stock from all over continental europe as well as britain. (the c100 is needed for the deep flanged european trains made in the the 60's-80's.)

    It's located in my front yard and wraps around a small patio area where one can sit and enjoy a cool drink on a warm day. I plan to incorporate some spurs for a little switching action, but the main focus is to have a place to run long passenger trains. Right now I am using analog control, but as soon as I get my locos converted will be using my DCC system on it, so that I can run even when it's snowing out.

    I don't follow any prototype. I don't have a chosen time period. I run whatever with whatever at more than scale speeds, until I get that happy train feeling.

    I still have a small N scale layout, but have lost interest in it since switching to HO/OO garden railroading.
    A quick video from a while back. Now my railway has a double track mainline and a station with two platforms that are about 8 feet long.

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