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ecfitzgerald Jun 21, 2017

  1. ecfitzgerald

    ecfitzgerald TrainBoard Member

    This is my first take at a conversion of a guy user from TrainPlayer named Bill's (Paulton?) passenger folly.

    I converted it to Kato Unitrack and fit it to a 36"x80" hollow core door. It's still a clock-wise one way system, unless I just want to see trains run the loop.

    My concept is a 1955 San Francisco 3rd & Townsend terminal, but SP bought the original FM Train Masters for the Commute instead of sending them in a year or 2 later, and the SF to LA Coast trains are still popular and pulled by GS-4s.

    I lose the second loop and some of the more subtle angles, but I could possibly do more around the engine facility. But a roundhouse would need to exclude the GS4s.

    The smallest radius is a single 249mm 15deg in the turn into the terminal flanked by 282mms. The loops are 381/348 and 315 for the access siding. All yard curves are 481 and #4 turnouts.

    Any feedback would be welcome, including gotchas I don't see coming?

    Thanks, Ed
  2. Point353

    Point353 TrainBoard Member

    To eliminate the "clock-wise one way system" limitation, consider elevating all of the tracks in the center section so that you can run a reversing loop track underneath - something like this:

    Track Plan v1.13.png

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